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Kuma Stoves Has been manufacturing American made quality Wood Stoves since 1981 and Oil stoves since 1999. Kuma supplies products to customers across the U.S. Kuma Stoves is proud to say that every product they manufacture is made in the USA and they are committed to sourcing their materials from U.S. Suppliers.

Kuma Stoves Made In The USA

Kuma Stoves was founded in 1981 when Mark Freeman, now president of the company, built the first Kuma Stove on the tailgate of his Chevrolet pickup truck. To this day, Kuma Stoves continues to be primarily a family operation.  The first several Kuma Stoves were custom built for family members, but the demand soon grew into a full-time job.

Kuma Stoves Made in the USA

Kuma wood stoves continue to be some of the cleanest burning in the industry, passing the latest 2020 EPA standards. All of their products are laser-cut and handcrafted by each fabricator start to finish - no assembly lines here.

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