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Cookshack PG500 VS Yoder YS640

Whether you’re a beginner backyard chef or an expert griller, a pellet grill is one of the best things you’ll ever own. 

We know it can be difficult to search through hundreds of articles and forums, so we’re having a throwdown between two of the most popular pellet grills – Cookshack PG500 VS Yoder YS640.

Cookshack Fast Eddy's PG500 56" Stainless Steel Pellet Grill and Smoker


  •         Versatile four cooking zones
  •         100% Stainless Steel Construction
  •         Easy cleanup
  •         Large pellet hopper capacity


 Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill



  •         Spacious cooking surface
  •         Custom controller
  •         Variable displacement damper
  •         Made in the U.S


When it comes to grills and smokers, construction is very important since it contributes a lot in the longevity of the product.

The Cookshack PG500 has a 100% stainless steel construction, inside and out. That’s one of the things that make it stand out from the competition. Cookshack has deviated from the common design as well. 

Instead of a vertically-opening hood, the Cookshack PG500 has two swing doors. The chamber isn’t rounded, but instead it’s rectangular so you can use the flat top as a warming shelf. Also, the overall stability is great with two casters and two stationary legs.

On the other hand, the Yoder YS640 is made of steel. The cooking chamber is made from 10-gauge steel while the cart and pellet hopper are from 14-gauge steel. 

This Yoder pellet grill is stable as well, but we found the casters too small to roll on other surfaces besides concrete.

Cooking Surface

When it comes to the cooking surface, there are distinct differences between the Cookshack PG500 and the Yoder YS640.

At first glance, the PG500 has a bigger cooking surface at 784 square inches as compared to Yoder’s 640 square inches. However, there’s a slide out shelf in Yoder which expands the cooking surface to a 1070 square inches.

If you’re cooking large batches of meat for a big party, this amount of space in the Yoder YS640 is great.

However, we can’t get over the versatility of the Cookshack PG500. Continuing on innovation, the areas are divided into four cooking zones.

Zone 1 is directly above the firepot and diffuser plate, so you’re cooking with direct flame in this area. At 10 inches wide and 18 inches deep, this first zone is perfect for grilling and searing.

Zone 2 is on the right of the firepot, which makes it the area for indirect heat [1]. For roasting in high or low temperatures, with or without smoke, Zone 2 is the spot.

Zones 3 and 4 refer to the nickel plated steel rack above zones 1 and 2. Zone 3 is the one above the firepot, so the temperature there is higher. Zone 4 is above the indirect cooking area.  These two zones are perfect for smoking your meats.

Overall, we love the zoning in the Cookshack PG500. It’s very versatile and you can cook and smoke different meats at the same time.

Temperature Range and Control

Both Cookshack and Yoder have the same max temperature at 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is indeed one of the hottest for pellet grills. 

However, the Yoder has a low starting temperature at 150°F while Cookshack is at 180°F. With that, let’s look at their temperature controls.

The Cookshack PG500 has a simple and consistent digital controller. Whether you’re searing or cooking in low temperatures, the controller proves to be a useful tool. 

For low temps, you can modify the program to reduce the fluctuations in temperature over long hours of cooking. That way, you get beautifully smoked meat that will impress anyone. 

For searing, you can recalibrate the digital controller so it runs continuously on a set high heat.

As for the Yoder YS640, it has a custom built controller with a Yoder-specific program. Many people find this controller accurate, but some users say it’s a hit or miss with them. 

Another unique feature is the Unique Variable Displacement Damper. You can position it left or right along the smoke box either for concentrating or dispersing the heat.  

Pellet Hopper

Comparing the Cookshack PG500 and the Yoder YS640, Cookshack has a 22 lb capacity pellet hopper  while the Yoder YS640 has a 20 lb hopper.

Both of these are large, but we’re giving our winning verdict to Cookshack. You get a longer cook time with this pellet grill. It can even run for 33 hours at 225°F when you smoke. 

Plus, you get a 40-pound bag of pellets with your purchase so you can get started right away.

And although there’s not much difference with the Yoder’s hopper capacity, some users say that the Yoder YS640 burns more wood pellets in a shorter amount of time.  


Indeed, the Cookshack PG500 and the Yoder YS640 are great pellet grills for any cookout. They are durable, have great temperature ranges, and they produce ideal grilling and smoking results.

The Cookshack gives an impressive performance that will impress anyone. We like its versatility, with the ability to sear and cook low and slow BBQ. 

The cooking zones are innovative as well, although some users say that the direct flame area could be bigger. Still, it’s large enough for 4 striploins and 6-8 burgers. Furthermore, Cookshack is easy to clean with two pull-out drawers for the grease and ash.

The Yoder YS640 performs amazingly as well. Grilling and smoking are easy, and the unique displacement damper helps concentrate or disperse the heat. This pellet grill is best if you’re cooking for a large number of people. 

The only reasons to complain are that it uses more wood pellets, takes longer to warm up, and it the best way to clean it is with a shop vacuum.

Our Top Pick - Cookshack Fast Eddy's PG500 56" Stainless Steel Pellet Grill and Smoker in One

In our Yoder YS640 VS Cookshack PG500 comparison, we declare the Cookshack PG500 as the winner.

It definitely stands out from the competition with its innovative features, including the swing-door design, versatile four cooking zones, larger pellet hopper capacity, easy cleanup, and the full stainless steel construction. Overall, it’s one of the best pellet grills for any backyard chef.