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Memphis Grill Review

When it comes to cooking performance and versatility, Memphis grills provides some of the best pellet grills in the market.

These do-everything cookers deserve a place in your backyard for a fantastic cookout feast.

In this Memphis Grill review, we’ll see the top products they offer.

Best Memphis Grills Reviews

Memphis ITC3 Elite 69" Freestanding Pellet Grill Overview

We’re starting strong with the ultimate choice - the Memphis ITC3 Elite. This revolutionary product is a beast with dual convection fans, Wi-Fi temperature control, a 24 lb. pellet hopper, storage shelves, and a spacious cooking surface.

You get a whopping 1252 square inches of cooking space for all your meat recipes.Whether it’s ribs, turkey, tenderloin, steak, or burgers, you’d be able to fit a lot in this Memphis wood fire grill. Great for serving a lot of people in BBQ parties.

Using this wood fire grill allows you to smoke, roast, grill, bake, or sear.

It has a 304 stainless steel construction inside and out, so it will last years. Grills like this are double-walled as well to seal in the heat when you're using it.

As for the temperature range, you’re looking at 180 degrees F to 700 degrees F, and it’s easy to control as well. With Wi-Fi support, you have an easy way to control and monitor your cooking through your phone. Convenient for meat that cooks for long hours.

Indirect and direct flame modes are available for more versatility when you smoke or grill. There's a direct flame insert included with your purchase for pro open-flame grilling. 

It also burns approximately 1.5 lbs of wood pellets per hour.

With all its premium features, this is definitely the top pellet grill in our books!


  • Versatile - the best parts of a wood fire, oven, gas grill and pellet smoker
  • Temperature control with Wi-Fi 
  • Shelves for storage
  • Stainless steel
  • Dual convection fans
  • Large pellet hopper capacity


  • Large size may be too large for some users.

Memphis Grills ITC3 Pro 28" Built-In Pellet Grill Overview

If you don’t have the space at the back of your home for a large freestanding grill like the previous option, the Memphis Grills ITC3 Pro Built In pellet grill is small but doesn’t compromise on performance.

Although compact, the Memphis Pro pellet grill is still made from the stainless steel and the highest quality materials. It’s also double-walled to get all the heat sealed in when you cook food with hood down. That makes it trap in the heat and flavor.

The temperatures ranges between a low 180°F to a high  650°F. The Memphis Pro pellet grill has intelligent temperature control so you have a way to conveniently check on your meat while entertaining the guests for a while.

With 834 square inches of cooking space, you still have more than enough cooking area to smoke, grill, roast, or bake with Memphis Grills Pro.

And even if the Memphis Pro pellet grill is smaller than the previous one, it has not one, but two metal fans that are set for circulating the heat as you cook.

Like the preceding wood pellet grill, the Memphis Pro pellet grill comes with a direct flame insert as well for open-flame grilling! 

It has an 18 lb. pellet hopper and also burns approximately 1.5 lbs of wood pellets per hour.

There’s also the genie tool included with the Memphis Grills Pro. It's easy to use for cleanup. Using the genie tool is a way to make the work a breeze each time you clean. 


  • Good temperature range
  • Smaller size
  • Versatile - the best parts of an oven, gas grill and pellet smoker
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Excellent insulation and heat circulation
  • Intelligent temperature control with WiFi
  • Dual convection fans
  • 7-year limited warranty
  • 18 lb hopper capacity


  • Need to make a cutout because it’s built-in

Memphis Beale Street 51" Pellet Grill Overview

If you’re on a budget but you still want something that’s high quality, the Memphis Beale Street is the one you're looking for. This model is equally versatile as the previous Memphis wood fire grills we discussed. You can smoke, grill, sear, roast, and bake [1]  as you need with this high quality pellet grill.

Even on a budget, this product is double walled and sealed as well. That makes the flavor even more intense. It’s also made from 304 stainless steel for extreme durability that lasts a long time.

Its temperature ranges from 180°F to 550°F, a little less than the other grills but more than enough to cook the perfect food. It gets to the set temp faster and better.

You can also use the Wi-Fi support available in this budget grill. This will work to make it convenient to set and monitor the temperatures when you cook food - even while you've moved to the side to entertain people.

For pellet consumption, this outdoor grill burns approximately 1.5 lbs of wood pellets per hour. It also has a 12 lb. pellet hopper capacity, which is less than the hopper capacity of the previous ones.

You can use the 558 square inches of cooking area on this one, but you can make it extend to an easy 817 square inches if you want. Just set out the optional grates.

Overall, it’s one of the most reliable Memphis grills you can use.


  • Versatile and compact
  • Smoke, roast, grill, or bake your fave recipes
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Temperature control with Wi-Fi
  • 12 lb. pellet hopper capacity and burns 1.5 lbs of pellets per hour
  • Optional grates for extended space
  • Good customer service
  • 5-year warranty


  • May not be enough for large parties

Best Memphis Grill Buyer’s Guide

When buying pellet grills, smokers, and related line of products in the market, there are still one or two things you need to know first before you get one. Here are some things to look at in line with Memphis grills and pellet smokers:


It’s easier if you’re buying one from a store because you can at least feel the quality of the grills. You want to purchase a pellet grill or pellet smoker that will last a long time, so make sure to check the hardware. But if you’re buying grill or pellet smoker options online, simply do a little research and read articles before you purchase. Stainless steel is a great choice for built-in or freestanding grills.


The range matters depending on what kind of cooking you’ll be doing on the outdoor grill or smoker model. For grilling, smoking, roasting, and baking, 425° of heat is enough. For searing, the temperature should reach at least 500°.

In the Memphis grills above, even the budget option can heat up to 550°F. When the temperature is high, you'd want the grill or smoker model to have two fans set for dual heat circulating action.


When buying grills or smokers, consider first whether you’re going to be grilling for large or small parties. It's important to get the right size of Memphis pro grills or smokers to fit your needs.


You may want a pro grill or smoker with extra features such as Wi-Fi and a meat probe for more grilling convenience.

  • Wi-Fi. This feature is not available in many grills like this, but it's a great bonus in any grill or smoker model.

    Having Wi-Fi capabilities in grills or smokers allows you to set and monitor the heat using your phone or tablet if you’ve stepped away for a moment or for hours. Memphis offered this feature in their line of grills.

  • Meat probe - It’s great if a meat probe already comes with your outdoor grill. The meat probe lets you know the doneness of the meat so it's cooked according to how you want each time. You may need a probe to get the right degree of doneness in steaks.

Our Top Pick - Memphis ITC3 Elite 69" Freestanding Pellet Grill

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s revolutionary. This is definitely the best of the best when it comes to outdoor pellet grills.

We like the solid make, excellent temperature range,  dual fans, and the large surface - what more could we ask for? Overall, it’s the ultimate choice that will be by your side for years.