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Pit Boss Caught Fire? Here’s What You Need to Do + Safety Tips

Pit Boss Caught Fire? Here’s What You Need to Do + Safety Tips

Pit Boss pellet grills are an excellent companion for any backyard barbeque.

They cook food evenly and give you that rich, woody, smoky flavor you need.

Unfortunately, working with heat means playing with fire.

Your Pit Boss grill can get too hot and even catch fire if you aren't careful. Let’s go over the causes of a grill fire, how to prevent it, and your best practices if your Pit Boss caught fire.

Why Did My Pit Boss Catch Fire? 

Although uncommon, there are plenty of potential triggers for a fire coming out of your Pit Boss or any grill for that matter.

There are two possible fires that can come out of your grill: grease and pellet.

Let’s go over the causes of both.

Causes of Grease Fire in Pit Boss Smokers 

You’re laying down a thick-cut steak while having a beer with friends and family one minute. The next, your entire grill is a glowing-red fireball.

Grease fires are caused by leftover grease from large amounts of fat trapped on your drip tray. This is a sign of improper care since your machine is designed to move heat away from the tray.

Cause of Pellet Fire in Pit Boss Smokers 

Your machine, like any other, can malfunction when you least expect it. The hopper that feeds the pellets down to the grill’s firepot will continue to feed pellets when it detects low heat.

This can lead to an overabundance of fuel for a fire that can singe eyebrows and ruin evenings. Wood turns to smoke which leads to flames. 

Things to Do When Your Pit Boss Grill Catches Fire 

Don’t panic. Your grill spitting out huge flames is a problem, but you won’t be able to solve it if you don’t have a clear head and a plan to extinguish the fire.

The best thing to do is be smart and cut off the flame’s power before smothering it and extinguishing it.

#1: Unplug Your Grill 

This is the first step with any electronic device on fire. This keeps the fire from exacerbating and spreading anywhere else. Carefully pull the plug and give it a moment for the fire to start winding down.

#2: Keep the Lid Shut 

This will cut the oxygen the flames need to continue burning. If the lid is shut, keep it that way to prevent smoke and fire from escaping.

#3: Keep the Smoker Clear From Other Fire Hazards 

While the grill is unmovable in its current state, you can clear the surroundings to prevent anything flammable from carrying the flames elsewhere. This minimizes the risk of damages and harm.

#4: Extinguish the Fire 

If the flames refuse to die, now’s the time to snuff this candle. Smother the flames with salt and baking soda. These, when combined, will kill your fire before you even grab the fire extinguisher.

Tips to Prevent Your Pit Boss Unit From Catching Fire 

As with any other painful condition, prevention is better than cure. Here are some important things you can do to prevent a Pit Boss fire.

#1: Clean Your Grill Regularly 

This is a no-brainer that offers sure results almost every time. This will eliminate the risk of grease fires as there will be no grease for the fire to latch on to. 

#2: Don’t Use Excessive Heat 

It’s best to use this grill with long, slow, steady heat. This ensures cooked meats and no sudden outbursts of fire.

#3: Keep its Lid Closed

Blocking excessive amounts of oxygen from touching your grill flames will keep it from getting out of hand. Unless the recipe needs an open hatch, it’s best to keep the lid closed and allow your meats to cook low and slow. 

#4: Keep it Away From Other Possible Fire Hazards 

The average person will only experience fires or flame-related injuries when cooking. Keep your very flammable grill away from other flammable items to prevent a major crisis [1].


The goal is to own a Pit Boss grill and never worry about this issue through proper use and care for your equipment.

Accidents do happen though, so we aim to prepare you with information to help you in the situation of a fire in your grill. 

Situational awareness and quick wit will ensure that your Pit Boss lives to grill another day.

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