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Cookshack Smoker Reviews | 2023 Best Sellers

An electric smoker can produce that much loved smokey taste.

Cookshack is a beloved brand that makes an appearance in a lot of residential and/or commercial kitchens across the globe.

There are a lot of options and some fancier than others, so how do you pick the best out of them all?

Top Rated Cookshack Smoker Reviews

Cookshack Smokette Elite SM025 20" Smoker Oven Overview

The CookShack Smokette is only 20 square inches but sure packs a smoking taste. Electric smokers are a much better option in terms of being eco-friendly and reliable in smoking.

And this includes the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric smoker. With or without smoking wood, you can start using and smoking with the Smokette Elite electric smoker.

Plus, the small compact and wheeled design makes this Cookshack smoker easily portable. 

You can get started with the Cookshack Smokette Elite electric smoker with or without wood for that extra smoky taste, but even just with electricity you can pretty much guarantee that beginners can simulate that juicy barbecue flavor that smoking gives.

The Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric smoker has the capacity to produce consistent top results every time with the electronic temperature control and meat probe.

Overall, the Smokette Elite is one of the top electric models that beginners and pros love using.


  • Small and portable electric smoker design
  • Electric heating element
  • This electric smoker can be used with or without wood
  • Consistent results with electronic temperature controller and meat probe
  • This top electric smoker produces hot or cold smoke
  • Child lock safety features
  • Stainless steel double-walled construction
  • Removable drip pan
  • This electric smoker has digital controls
  • Superior heat retention


  • The size of the electric smoker may be too small for some ribs

Cookshack FEC100 45" Pellet Smoker Oven Overview

Say howdy to the CookShack FEC100, a stainless steel pellet smoker that's a BBQ game changer. Powered entirely by wood pellets, this green machine ensures pure, smoky flavor without gas interference.

What sets the FEC100 apart is the Cookshack IQ5 electronic system, providing precise temperature control and consistent results.

With its optional meat probe, you specify the smoke-cook temperature and the smoker automatically shifts to a rest cycle when it's done. No babysitting needed!

The FEC100 boasts an auto-start feature for unattended overnight cooks and a patented wood delivery system, guaranteeing the perfect smoke level every time.

Cleanup is a cinch with removable, power washable racks, and it's built tough with a rugged stainless steel interior and exterior.

  • 100% wood-burning, pellet-fired for pure smoky flavor.
  • Eco-friendly, using renewable wood pellets.
  • Precision temperature control with the Cookshack IQ5 system.
  • Unattended cooking with optional meat probe and auto-start feature.
  • Consistent smoke levels with a patented wood delivery system.
  • Easy cleanup and rugged durability.

    Cookshack PG1000 67" Pellet Smoker and Grill Overview

    The Cookshack PG1000 Pellet Smoker and Grill packs 784 square inches of grilling and smoking power, and stands out in the market for its unique charbroiler technology.

    Cooking with the PG1000, you'll see the fire and taste the difference.

    It captures the same great flavors as those higher-end commercial-grade charbroilers. This ain't no oven – it's a proper grill and smoker!

    Constructed with double-walled stainless steel, the PG1000 is as sturdy as they come. It's equipped with an easy-to-use front-access ash drawer that leaves you with minimal ash - just about 3%.

    What makes the PG1000 truly stand out is its two-in-one nature: it's a 100% wood burning, pellet fired grill and smoker in one. A true double threat!

    As a bonus, it's proudly manufactured in the USA with removable bottom legs for versatile kitchen setups and extra storage space.

    So, let's bullet-point the big selling points:

    • Uses unique charbroiler technology for unmatched flavor.
    • Double-walled stainless steel construction for durability.
    • Front-access ash drawer for easy ash removal, with minimal residue.
    • Two-in-one functionality as a grill and a smoker.
    • 100% wood burning, pellet-fired for authentic BBQ taste.
    • Built in the USA and versatile for built-out kitchen setups.

      Cookshack PG500 56" Pellet Grill and Smoker Overview

      A Cookshack smoker or a Cookshack grill? If you can’t make up your mind between the two, the Cookshack PG500 is a compact and versatile, two in one option that gives you the best of smokers and grills.

      This one is larger than the Cookshack Smokette Elite but smaller than the commercial smokers.

      It's the only pellet grill and smoker on the market that uses charboil tech - something to boast about! It’s perfect for home purposes and doesn’t leaves only 3% of ashes.

      You can electronically control the temperature to eliminate meat shrinkage, dryness and fluctuations. The smoker / grill even comes with a warming rack when finished dishes are waiting to be served. The durable stainless-steel construction is proudly made in the US!


      • Just the right size and capacity for residential use
      • This one doesn’t produce much debris
      • Only grill/smoker with charbroil technology
      • 2-in-1 option
      • Electronically controlled temperatures produce optimum results every time
      • Stainless-steel construction
      • Made in the USA
      • Warming rack 
      • Large cooking space


      • You may not get to use all features

      Cookshack Smoker Review Buying Guide

      Do you want an electronic smoker or is a pellet one better? With products like these, you may not know which one is the best or which one has the right performance or features for your needs until you actually try it. By then, it might be too late to do anything if it’s the wrong purchase. Read and follow our tips below to identify the best Cookshack smoker for you.


      Smokers can be separated into 4 main types: Electric smoker, pellet smoker, gas smoker and the charcoal smoker. Cookshack offers the best of the best in electric and pellet smokers but it’s still worth it to read a bit about all four smoker types.

      Electric - As you can tell by the name, electric smokers uses electricity and is better for the environment as well. An electric smoker like the Smokette is extremely easy to use, just a plug and play get to cooking for the BBQ party!

      Electric smokers are the safest option and most cost-effective smoker for the price range it comes in. We understand that quality electric smoker machines like the Smokette may have a higher price range than the other 3 alternatives, but you do save more money in the long run with electric smokers.

      Pellet - The pellet smoker gives you full control over the food you cook. A pellet smoker is automated and is can watch the process without your supervision. As long as you have wood pellets ready for the smoker, you’re good to go.

      This one is also great for a BBQ party and it's more efficient than others like the electric smoker. 

      Charcoal - If the electric smoker is modern, the charcoal smoker is the most traditional model for BBQ season. They give you that perfect wooden smokey taste. They produce excellent taste but you should monitor it well.  A charcoal smoker gives you supreme control of the temperature when smoking wood like the pellet smokers.

      Gas - Gas smokers are easy and a great option as well. This smoker is for those who are not accustomed to using a smoker often. They are as easy to use as electric smokers (like the Smokette electric smoker) and don’t need you to spend hours monitoring the cooking process. They are also the most portable smoker design of them all.


      You won’t have to worry about the construction construction if you invest in a Cookshack smoker.

      Double-walled stainless steel is a common build for Cookshack smoker products and BBQ grills. Cookshack also offers the best in heat retention, quality, durability, and this protects you well from accidental burns.

      All edges should be sealed to prevent heat from escaping. Look for extra thick Cookshack smoker designs and ensure that insulation is at its peak.

      Stainless-steel is also waterproof and resistant to rust and corrosion. If you plan to add the Cookshack smoker to your outdoor home kitchen, this product material is your best option.

      So before you buy any BBQ grills on a store or website, read up on product details like this first.

      Cooking Area and Size

      Before you plunk down thousands of dollars on a Cookshack Smoker, you need to first make sure that you have enough cooking area for this new smoker. 

      Smokers or grills can’t be so big you can’t put it in an allotted space at home. The cooking area can't be too small to not be able to cook enough food for all members of your party. But if you're good with a smaller one, the Smokette Elite Electric smoker model is a good quality choice for home use.The Smokette Elite Electric smoker is perfect for a BBQ party at home.

      Not only should smokers or grills have enough square inches to put in lots of food, but they should be wide and tall enough as well to fit big things like turkeys and racks of ribs for the BBQ party.

      You need the right amount of capacity and just a couple of inches extra on each side to ensure even barbecue cooking in Cookshack smokers or grills.

      Make sure the square inches of smokers or grills has enough capacity to cut cooking time by at least a half. A warming rack or storage cart are also accessories that play into the size of the smokers or grills.

      Temperature Control

      For smokers or grills, output should be consistent for consistent results. Smokers with easy temperature knobs would help provide a good range to cook all different kinds of food. If you're using a pellet smoker model for your BBQ party, access to the fire box is a must.

      Sometimes a Cookshack smoker may even come with a thermometer so you know you're getting even heat control all across the board. Temperature control in smokers and grills is essential to the quality of meat you produce, and digital temperature controls are the easiest to maneuver the temperature range when cooking.


      If using a Cookshack pellet smoker, you need easy access to the fire box since the wood pellets are drip fed into the fire box for consistent temperature.

      Electric smokers have less of an issue on the fire box but the food should be made easily accessible on any model. 

      Removable Cooking Racks

      If you can remove accessories such as racks and the drip pan, you will have an easier time cleaning smokers or grills. The drip pan is more important than the racks to be removable because that’s where all the grease collects. 

      Removable racks are also convenient when you're looking at cooking larger meats like that whole turkey you'll share with the family during Thanksgiving at home. Being able to remove a few racks to make room to cook the perfect smoked turkey sounds amazing.

      Heating Element 

      Your Cookshack smoker model should have a powerful heating element. The heating element is what is responsible for generating heat to power your BBQ machine. Ones that are built with premium quality will last for years.

      You should be looking at heating that can generate up to 300 degrees of heat. At this temperature, you can cook more varieties of meat. Some smokers and grills have a temperature gauge or heat sensor to control the heating element throughout the BBQ process.

      Removable Drip Tray

      Not only should the drip tray be removable in smokers and grills, but it should also have a large capacity. You never know how much you may need to cook for a BBQ party. It can be a huge headache to run out of capacity if you have a small drip pan.

      When cleaning begins, just dump out the excess grease and give it a good scrub. You may also look into a cold smoke baffle for cold smoking. The Smokette Elite Electric can produce hot or cold smoke though.

      Meat Probe

      A meat probe is used in smokers and grills to measure the temperature of the meat on the inside. This way, you can get the perfect amount of smoke and get the perfect medium-rare (or whichever you prefer) sear.

      A meat probe is considered one of the fancy accessories, and not all smokers and grills have a probe but the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Smoker does!

      Wheels and Casters

      You may not want to wheel your Cookshack smoker around if you have an outdoor kitchen already set up in your home. However, having the option to move smokers and grills when the situation calls for it is a bonus.

      Look for designs with wheels and lockable casters for portability and adjustment. The casters should be able to lock to keep your appliance secure.

      Can It Grill Too?

      Cookshack has a two in one smoker that allows you to smoke and grill at the same time to save hours of cooking. Some 2-in-1 smokers or grills may come with warming racks to keep your finished dishes warm before being served.

      Water Pan

      This is to add extra flavor but mostly to reduce temperature fluctuations. It’s meant to be filled with water, as the name suggests by increasing humidity.

      However, some people learned that filling it with the likes of beer, herbs, wine, and other flavorful additives can improve the flavor and add a twist to your meat. If your family has some recipes to share on this front, then it's great to have a water pan come with smokers or grills.


      We always suggest products with warranties or guarantees - whichever of the two. This is imperative when it’s something you will rely on for the foreseeable future.

      Cookshack is a trusted, reliable and dependable brand that always offers help when there are issues and provides warranties for their different products like electric smokers. 

      WIth the way a Cookshack smoker is built, you may never need the Cookshack product warranty! Durable stainless steel paired with fully insulated construction can weather the elements and take the heat.


      When looking for smokers or grills in a store or website, they must first have a design that's simple to clean. If you made sure that the different smoking accessories like racks and trays are removable, then your smoker will be pretty simple to maintain.

      The smoker exterior is actually exempt from cleaning-unless you want to. Cookshack smokers are made from the finest commercial grade stainless-steel, so virtually nothing can stain it.

      Stainless-steel will ensure a spotless look that the smoker interior is unfortunately not protected by.

      The inside of smokers and grills is where we really get down to the nitty-gritty. Some argue that the residues and leftover BBQ flavors are made to enhance the taste of your next cookout meal but in terms of cleanliness, you can’t skip this step.

      While the high temperature range could in theory eliminate all bacteria, it’s still good to practice cleanliness by giving the insides and the racks a good scrub down.


      Looking at smokers or grills with a cheap price? While some may think the price range for a Cookshack smoker is steep, they are also of high quality.

      If you don’t opt for quality smokers or grills, chances are you're looking at an appliance that will be useless in less than a year. This is especially disheartening if your product isn’t protected by a warranty from a trusted commercial manufacturer. In short, the price range mustn't be your priority in smokers and grills especially if you're looking forward to a great BBQ party.

      Ease of Use

      Your smoker model should be easy-to-use. A lot of the options we presented in the review (even commercial ones) can be started up with the single flip of a switch or press of a button.

      For smokers or grills, you don’t want to spend much time setting up then taking it all down again when you’re already tired from cooking a big meal.


      We touch upon safety as the last point in our review, but it’s definitely not the least important when it comes to smokers and grills. We chose to talk about it last perhaps because it's the most important.

      Many of us have kids and pets running around and it isn’t always easy to be looking out for them when you’re busy monitoring the food.

      First make sure the wheels lock, all electric parts are fully weatherproofed, and the handles are heat-resistant.

      A lot of people don’t put their thoughts on these little considerations that can play big roles in terms of safety.


      Cookshack makes a wide range of amazing smokers and grills. That’s why they grace not only the residential homes across the country, but also commercial establishments around the world. If you like that traditional smoky wood taste then a smoker is definitely for you.

      If you're tight on space, look into the Cookshack Smokette Elite electric smoker but if you can handle it, there are a lot of larger commercial smokers and grills too that will produce the same evenly-cooked results as the Smokette.

      Every option we have presented you in this website is simple to set up and makes that authentic bbq taste. Once you purchase your new smoker, just give it a good wipedown and you can get started with smoking!