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What is the Best Gas and Pellet Grill Combo? (2022)

What is the Best Gas and Pellet Grill Combo? (2022)

Gas and pellet grill combos combine the convenience of a gas grill and the flavor of a pellet grill. These multifunctional gems are quite pricey, so it would be a total waste if you cannot maximize them. Thus, our grilling experts have consolidated this guide to ensure that you get to double the fun with the perfect grill in the long run. 

Reviews of the Top Gas and Pellet Grill Combo

1. PIT BOSS PB1230G Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill  - Editor’s  Choice 

Key Features:

• Durable gauge stainless-steel build
• 180-500°F temperature capacity
• Cooking surface: 1,000 square inches

The Pit Boss PB1230G has a cutting-edge temperature gauge that makes it one of the most popular gas and pellet grill combos on the market. With this grill, you get to sear up to a thousand-degrees Fahrenheit effortlessly and a durable build to complement this feature. It also has a slide-plate flame broiler in the pit for convenience.

The interface of this grill is simple and straightforward to allow usage maximization. It has a 1,000 square inch cooking surface and stainless steel and cast iron construction—making it rust-free and intended to last.


• High-quality stainless steel and cast iron construction
• Wide cooking space
• Portable
• Multifunctional
• Precise temperature gauge


• Quite pricey
• Can be heavy

2. PIT BOSS PB1230SP Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill -  Premium Choice

Key Features 

• 8-in-1 cooking features
• Cooking space: 1,261 square inches
• 180-500°F temperature capacity

The Pit Boss PB123SP Sportsman Wood Pellet and Gas combo has a whooping 1,261 square inch cooking capacity and a 21-pound hopper. This model has a premium build that effortlessly caters to up to 30,000 BTU. It is powered with hardwood pellet fuel and/or propane gas fuel and has a temperature range of 180°F to 500°F.

Without a doubt, Pit Boss makes high-quality combo grills which is evident because two of their models made it into this review. Thanks to its precise temperature gauge and multifunctionality that allows one to grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, barbecue, char-grill, and sear effortlessly.


• 21-pound hopper capacity
• High BTU rating
• 8-in-1 function
• High-quality stainless steel and cast iron construction
• Precise temperature gauge
• 2-pit boss meat probes included


• Quite pricey
• Heavy

3. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A - Budget Option

Key Features 

• 8-in-1 cooking functions 
• Steel construction with powder-coated finish
• Grilling area: 452 square inches

If you are searching for a very compact grill with a sleek and slim design, then the Z Grills ZPG-450A may be for you. This grill may be light in weight, but its interior is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and metal.

The ZPG 450A also has promising features. For one, it has two adjustable air vents that provide air circulation to infuse better flavor into your meats. It also has a built-in thermometer and a precise temperature gauge, and two individual access doors that allow you to access the main chamber easily. Its convenient controls allow you to confidently sit back and wait.


• Multifunctional grill 
• Latch cooking system
• Highly affordable
• Easy to assemble
• Built to last


• Temperature precision can be improved
• The cooking space can be small

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Gas and Pellet Grill Combo Buyer’s Guide

Temperature Range

A broad temperature range is key for cooking meat perfectly. When purchasing a grill, ensure that the grill is able to heat up or cool down accordingly to avoid undercooked or charred output. 

Modern combo grills follow a standard temperature range, so this is not as big an issue as it once was.

Cooking Area

When making a purchase, our grilling experts stress the importance of having an ample cooking surface. The best gas and pellet grill combos are structured practically and intuitively to give the optimum cooking experience. 

This means it has a build that allows flexibility and has compartments made for convenience. Note as well the size of your crowd and backyard to make sure your grill will be a perfect fit.

Controls and Connectivity Options

Combo grills have progressed so much in recent years. From manually checking if your temperature is high or low enough, modern grills now have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options [1] that allow us to take full control of our grill in just the palm of our hand. 

Our experts recommend exploring the app to test its responsiveness and reliability.


Are combo grills any good?

Yes, combo grills are good, especially if you are a fan of versatility as they combine multiple functions into one.

Our Top Pick For a Gas and Pellet Grill Combo: PIT BOSS PB1230G Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill


If you are looking for a grill that gives you the best of both worlds with its seamless shift between gas and pellet grilling, then look no further. The Pit Boss PB1230G has exceptional temperature gauge and flexibility and a user-intuitive design that allows its users to maximize their grilling experience—thus sealing it as our experts’ choice for the best gas and pellet grill combo.

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